I’m stoned all the time

I mean, basically. I don’t partake if I’m going to drive, so I can only do it at night.

It’s been a very weird couple of weeks. I guess it was Mercury retrograde, which sounds like bullshit but always seems to be pretty accurate. But I’ve also been a little drunk or stoned for the past few weeks, so that could be enough to account for it.

I went over to Cat’s last night, like usual. I think we’ve been doing this for 6? months. I don’t actually remember. But it’s been going on for a while and it’s still good, so I don’t see any reason to change.

She isn’t really my girlfriend but I have sex with her almost every week, always multiple times. I’ve never experienced anything like this anyway. And I text with her every day too. So she’s not really my girlfriend but kinda acts like one.

I could ask her next time I see her what the difference is but I don’t really care. I’m not going to end up with her forever but she’s a good intro to the local dating scene. I’m getting out and doing a whole lot more with more people, too. She has some pretty major commitment issues I think. But because we don’t have any relationship that at all resembles what I had before, I really don’t care. I might want to find that again someday but I know it won’t be with her. That suits me very well actually.

And because we’re not exclusive, I’m free to try to find someone else or in addition. That’s actually pretty nice, because I really do want to start dating more women. I actually feel like a lesbian lately, which probably doesn’t make sense but it does for me. It’s actually a pretty radical shift in how I see myself.

A really unrelated and probably really stupid thing: I always thought this band The Neighbourhood was kinda bland and boring. But now I’m hearing the rest of the album and I swear they made this album specifically with the intention that the listeners would probably be stoned. What I have to say is that none of this sounds radio-friendly LOL.

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