Something interesting

One of the reasons that we still have a family dinner together is to continue having the kind of authentic conversations that have always been the “glue” that keeps our family together.

It also makes me really happy that Amy has established the same sort of routine with her boyfriend because she also feels it’s important (which it is, no matter the living arrangement. This is probably my #1 piece of relationship advice: eat dinner together as close to every day that you can. Having that dedicated space to focus on each other is so key. Obviously, these are no-phone spaces, too.)

Anyway, at dinner last night the kids pretty much described me as having come off a week-long bender. 😂

That really cracked me up. I did a lot of (sober) important parenty stuff too, I’ll have you know! But then I asked how they felt about that.

They both said it was fine and added that it made me a whole lot more relatable. They said they’ll let me know if it crosses a line but they don’t think it will (and I don’t either.)

Who knew, in all honesty, that someday they would see me trying to rebuild my life—after losing their dad, no less—and it would actually make them respect me a lot more. They actually trust me to make good decisions (which I really appreciate) and they also assume that I will. They both have also reached out to me for help when they got high (which we never did while J was alive.) All those things almost make me feel like I am somehow a better role model now? I can’t even wrap my head around that.

I can’t tell you how proud that makes me feel about the parenting J and I did.

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