I am so lucky

I just wanted to take note of how incredibly lucky I feel right now.

I am living the dream of just about every bisexual person out there. I get to have both a male and female partner who are both totally into me. I have amazing physical chemistry with both of them.

Even more, they know about each other and approve of the fact that I have another lover.

This is totally new and foreign to me. I’m used to a monogamous relationship, where even being attracted to someone else and kinda flirting with them wasn’t okay.

I guess this technically means I’m polyamorous but I don’t know if that will stick. I do know that I will never again get in a relationship that doesn’t allow me to have sex with women, because I love it way too much.

Cat says that she sees me as fitting the stereotype of a U-Haul lesbian and I can totally see that and agree with it. In fact, I hope it eventually happens for me. If I found the right woman who wanted to commit to me, I would absolutely do it.

Just because I’ve discovered that I can feel sexual chemistry with a man does not mean that I would necessarily miss it if I were to get into a monogamous relationship with a woman, whereas I would definitely miss being with women.

All I know is that I am having a hell of a lot of fun with my life right now and I don’t care what people think. My mom knows that I’m dating both a man and a woman right now and she doesn’t care. I’ve talked to “ghost J” about it and he doesn’t care either.

I haven’t really been super open with the kids but they do know that I’m seeing both a man and a woman right now. I don’t know if they think that’s super slutty or not but I suspect they don’t.

I’m really, really lucky to have so much support.

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