I went out on a brief date with my 31 year old friend Nash that I’ve mentioned before. He drives a Tesla and has a wicked huge house and he’s so successful and passionate.

It’s that passion that’s so attractive, though. I finally decided that we could date after all, even though he was totally accepting of the fact that I said I was more interested in women. He never got pushy with me at all, so the friendship continued.

Yesterday night he asked if I wanted to go for a drive with him and I said sure. So I got all showered and dressed up for a little impromptu date.

He picked me up and we had some good conversations to catch up on what’s been going on with each of us. Just that alone was wonderful. He recently got his first tattoo, a large piece on the inside of his left arm. He went to my tattoo artist because I recommend her work so highly.

He said that he had always wanted to get tattoos (plural; he’s already planned out his next one, which he did even before getting his first.) But it was his exposure to me that finally gave him the confidence and courage to do it.

He was honestly something of a terrible driver but I’m learning how to get used to that. The Teslas are like an ADHD nightmare because they have so many monitors to look at. I would get so distracted and would probably drive like he does!

We drove around for a while and then our conversation turned toward sex. (I wasn’t surprised by that at all.) I started telling him about my body issues and to my extreme surprise, he loved everything I listed as my body’s flaws. Not just reluctantly tolerated them but was actively very turned on by them. Keep in mind this was just the description of what my body really looks like; he still hasn’t even seen it yet.

He said that he really wanted to kiss me and I said that I wanted that, too. So I guided him on where to stop on our way back to my house and then we made out in his car.

I thought there had been a spark there the first time we made out but I didn’t know at the time that there was actual real sexual chemistry between us.

I’ve felt that way about Cat already but now I feel it with him, too. I can honestly say that I had never experienced that at all before, not with anyone. I honestly thought “sexual chemistry” was a myth.

And OMG, it’s so not. Just being around someone you have that kind of chemistry with is positively dizzying. You just feel compelled to get closer to them and to kiss them all over and to let yourself be kissed all over. He smelled so delicious, too. I don’t know if those were pheromones or what but I just felt so drawn to him.

He gave me so many orgasms just from kissing and touching my breasts. He didn’t even try to put his hands down my pants or try to take off his own. I think quite literally that he’s the only man I’ve ever been with other than J who didn’t seem entitled to a blowjob after making out.

I don’t even know what I’m going to do next, except that I am going to keep seeing him of course. Cat knows about him and he knows about her and everyone is all cool with it. That just blows my mind. This level of freedom is like oh my god, just wow. You mean I could’ve been doing this all along?

But I don’t actually think that’s the case, either. I fully believe that I had to go through everything I did with J to be able to experience this, like this is my reward. And I am just so thoroughly enjoying it.

Meanwhile my date with Nash has kinda made Cat step up her own game, so she’s made dinner reservations for us on Friday night. (Although that may also be an apology of sorts for the misunderstanding about the karaoke event, who knows.)

I have a date again with Nash tomorrow night and then a date with Cat on Friday night. On Saturday I may try to go to a social event that’s really close to my house. The group is based in Dallas so many of the events are there but there are a whole bunch of people in the group who live on the Ft Worth side like I do.

My social calendar is filling up and I just feel so much excitement about all of it.

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  1. SH says:

    That’s awesome. I think your emotional maturity (not necessarily age as there’s plenty of folks older than you with more resources and opportunity who aren’t seeking growth and insight) is really hard won and it probably is 1 factor why lots of folks are into you.

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