I will regret this later

I’m a little high so I have less than zero filter.

I’m thinking somewhat seriously about entering a ho phase.

I’ll insist on safe sex of course and thank god I can’t get pregnant anymore because this is a terrifying state for womens rights.

But maybe I’ll just start adding to my body count. It’s currently at less than I can count on both hands and feet but hey why not set a goal for triple digits by the end of the year.

If I can make them mostly women, all the better. I think I will try to hang out at the lesbian bar and try to pick up some women. I actually feel very confident and sexy when I’m all dressed up and it would only take a little bit of liquor to convince me that I could get almost any woman I wanted. But if I vibe with a guy, why not try to find out. Maybe they won’t all be as disappointing as Mr. KFC was.

Considering that 90% of my body count happened by the time I was 19, maybe men and women in general improved with time. I know J did. Maybe I should also find out if the much younger people (average age seems to be 27 among the ones who like me) who are into older women (which applies to at least half my likes on my dating profile) really are better lovers. I’ve heard that rumor. After all, I don’t currently have experience enough to know that yet. It might be really awesome, who knows?

I’m not sure how serious I am (well, maybe not about the triple-digit goal by the end of the year) but I do sometimes wonder why not. I’m free to do as I please, so if I want to ho it up, I can. Maybe I should just start scheduling dates with some of the cuter people who have liked me. I’ll let them take me to nice dinners at some of the best and most expensive restaurants in Dallas where I could never justify that kind of money on my own in their fancy cars that I could also never afford on my own. I could have one hell of a year. I can condense all of my unspent 20s into a single year if I want to, only now I can more consistently have orgasms. What’s the downside?

I enjoy getting dressed up and putting on pretty makeup for a date. I can’t wear heels but my feet can handle flats for an evening, which will have to do. Maybe I will seek out those young guys who are way too tall for me and who tell me that our height difference is cute. Wearing flats would only make me look shorter, therefore even cuter to them. And if I end up in bed with them, well sometimes that happens. It actually sounds somewhat glamorous, which is how you know I’m not in my right mind.

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