I suddenly got this idea for a new career path while reading The Atlantic yesterday: I could be a night nanny.

That would mean that I would be a nanny for babies during the first 3 months to allow the new mom to get a good night’s rest. If she’s nursing, I could either take the baby into her or feed it pumped milk.

I have to say that I really had no idea that such a thing even existed but it’s absolutely perfect for me.

It would work well with my natural sleep schedule, first of all. If you’re going to hire someone to be there for late-night baby wakings and feedings, you want someone who’s at their best in those hours, which I am.

I could care for moms recovering from C-sections, since I’ve had two of them myself. I could help with breastfeeding if requested. I’ve even dealt with a baby who had colic.

I think that I have absolutely proven during my husband’s cancer treatments and eventual death that I can definitely keep a level head and maintain a positive attitude even during stress without losing my ability to be calm and compassionate.

It just so happens that there’s a lot of demand for these services, especially around here. And it pays ridiculously well, too.

If I succeed and I like it, I could even eventually open my own agency providing and screening similar caregivers for others.

I could also take these skills to move to California someday if I wanted, too. There’s also a lot of demand for these services out there as well.

About the worst that could happen is that I’d hate it and then I would only be out a couple hundred bucks for the certification classes. But best case scenario is that I could find a new career that I might absolutely love.

I honestly love snuggling squishy newborns and helping new moms. I always wanted to be a midwife or a labor & delivery nurse but ruled them out for several reasons (mostly that both fields are very physically demanding and I’m not really up to that.)

But since I’m now officially in menopause (a different topic for another day), I’m not going to have any more babies of my own. And none of my kids have any plans to make me a grandmother any time soon, and if/when they do, they’ve all expressed a strong preference for adopting an older kid through the foster care system. So I can’t count on getting newborns related to me by blood to snuggle anyway.

But I really like this idea a lot. I could help new moms during the extremely difficult postpartum stage. I had a horrible time during the postpartum stage all 3 times because I just needed so much more help than what I got. I was unbelievably overwhelmed and way over my head. If I could get paid for helping other women get through it (especially if it’s extremely well) that would just be a bonus.

Even though I would obviously love the income and working during my desired hours, I think I would derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping new moms get through that roughest of adjustment periods. And that seems just about perfect.


  1. SH says:

    Worth a shot. Sounds really intriguing tbh.

    Plus, even if it doesn’t work out, one of the best ways to get good jobs (especially with disability or impairments) is knowing people who think well of you, and who know you’re looking for a night shift / flexible working hours job, for example. One of my biggest struggles with employment isn’t actually because good part time jobs (for my ongoing disability) don’t exist, but because I don’t know people who know other people.

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    1. Holly says:

      I think it sounds intriguing too. I also agree that so much of the time, when you have disabilities that make full time work on standard shifts available, it really does come down to who you know. I don’t currently know a whole lot of people around here but I’m starting to build more of those connections. One of my current local friends happens to know someone who has an agency for this type of work; I’ve reached out to her but don’t yet know if anything will come of it.

      The big thing is that I *can* actually work but it has to be during the right hours and can’t be too physical or require standing on my feet all day. So I’m going to try to find something else that does work for me.

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