Back to the drawing board again

I already know that Cat’s going to roll her eyes at this because I just couldn’t leave well enough alone and kept looking at used cars even though I already picked one out. But it’s a very good thing that I did.

I looked at the crash test ratings and the 2022 Camrys got a “poor” rating for how well they protect you in you in a side collision. But the 2021 models still provide you very well.

So I am most likely going to test drive some 2921 models instead. It’s kinda amusing that in many cases it’s way cheaper to get a ‘22 than a ‘21 so I doodle I’m the only one who knows about this.

If I’m buying a new car for the express purpose of how safe it is then it doesn’t make any sense to buy a model year that’s known for being less safe. So I’m going to go get tomorrow and test drive some ‘21s instead.

If I’m really lucky I can even find one in my desired color of white. But I can compromise on the color as long as it’s safer.

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