I bought a car!

I bought it through Carvana and it should be delivered Tuesday afternoon.

I considered other models but they were unknown because I didn’t know how they would drive or they had CVT transmissions, which I’m very determined to avoid.

In the end, I just went with another Toyota Camry because I know how they drive and it obviously kept me very safe. But it’s a few years newer and with a lot fewer miles. And it’s white, which was something I really wanted.

This was one example of when having the life insurance money really helped me. I already knew how much money I’d get from the insurance company and it was a lot more than I expected. But as I suspected, it was nearly impossible to find another Camry of the same year with similarly low miles on it.

I ended up spending about $7,000 more on it, which is about what I expected. I should have the insurance check within about a week but I didn’t want to wait until then. So I financed it and I’ll just pay it off in full once I get the check. Unfortunately my financing terms weren’t as good as they could’ve been because my credit score recently dropped by almost 100 points. (!!!)

I had this one secured credit card I got years ago to start rebuilding my credit, which worked. I never used it anymore but it had an annual fee. I apparently didn’t uncheck a box when I signed up, so I never got any statements or anything. They charged me the annual fee but I had no idea, because again, no statements. I noticed that I had a late payment on my credit report so I took care of it and closed the account. They’re supposed to refund my security deposit but of course I haven’t received it yet and it’s been a while. (I’ll have to call them on Monday or Tuesday.) But basically they charged me two late fees and they only agreed to refund one of them as a “goodwill adjustment” (and I had to mail them a written request to even get that.) 🙄 Goodwill, my ass.

So that long, stupid story is about how secured cards can suck and it screwed me over, erasing all my gains. But I will be fine, I just have to wait for it to come back up again, which will take time. Ugh.

But anyway, the real story is that I got a new car and it will be here Tuesday. It was the first car I’ve bought completely by myself in over 28 years and I didn’t screw it up! Hooray for me! I told Cat about what I bought after I did it. She’s very good with her money and she said it was a smart decision. Yay me!

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