I had my surgery

As I expected, it was very minor. That was great.

Chloe took very good care of me. For any worries I might have had about going through my first surgery without J, it was totally fine. I pretty much knew it would be.

Chloe took me to surgery and went out to do a little Christmas shopping. She brought me home and made some soup for me. It was just the right thing since today was blustery and bitterly cold.

She let me get a nap and did some more shopping, then came back to get me. I went to Costco to pick up my new glasses and I love them. I never would have picked them out on my own but they were exactly the right thing. They’re a completely different shape than I normally wear but they have a lot of blue in them, which brings out my eyes. I splurged and also got prescription sunglasses too. I’ve spent way too many days squinting at the sun so I knew they would be a good purchase.

Then she took me to Kroger to get my pain meds and to World Market to buy stocking stuffers for Christmas. As usual, I spent too much.

Then we got dinner to bring home and I paid for both of us. I was honestly kind of amazed at all that she got done in a day. It was a lot.

My pinky finger hurts and the ring finger next to it seems to have some nerve damage. I’m really hoping the nerve damage will just be temporary.

I got all caught up (finally) on all my articles. I really have to start writing some stuff that matters to me more. According to Cat, I’ll be really successful at it. I hope that she’s right because I don’t have any other plans for my future anymore.

All in all, I guess I’m feeling overall positive. Things look better for me than they honestly should right now. I’ll take all the positive thoughts and vibes that I can hang onto.

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