Small victories

I got some stuff listed for sale on eBay today. That was a huge victory!

I’m clearing a good path into my closet. I don’t have any deadlines this week so I’m going to try to get a lot of cleaning done.

I’m very aware that I only have about 6-7 months until I’m looking to move (though I still don’t know if it will be low-income apartments in Denton or in Oklahoma.)

I’ve started praying that I’ll meet someone. I don’t totally believe in prayer but I figure it can’t hurt.

I just really need to get my shit together and start preparing to move. Or maybe I won’t have to move if I get a job, but I still have to be available to pick up Dyl from work, which doesn’t really work with most work schedules.

We’ll see if my new idea to really push myself will actually work or not. I just know that I’m really sick and tired of everyone having an opinion on how I spend my money and I want to prove that I’m not some helpless person who can’t make my own decisions.

Yes, I’ve made some mistakes, like loaning my friend that money. But I was newly grieving and it was a rare lapse in judgment. I just wish people would stop thinking they know better than I do about what’s best for me.

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