Just zoning out

I got all my work done today (or at least the essentials.) I still have to hang the curtains in my office and put together my tiny 3-ft tree I got this year. It’s pink! For some reason that makes me really happy.

I have lots of stuff still to do, like listing things for sale on eBay and Poshmark. But that’s surprisingly a huge time suck, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet. But I also feel a bit of time pressure because some of them might be things people want for gifts.

I’ve thought about just donating all of this since the money was already spent but a lot of this is stuff with a high resale value. And lord knows I could use the extra cash.

This week has been kind of a clusterfuck already but that’s not too unusual. Maybe it will still turn around. I think Cat and I are planning to hang out at the gayborhood this weekend, where they’re having a pub crawl in onesie pajamas. I ordinarily am very anti-pajamas in public but this could be fun.

And meanwhile, I just got stoned and the edible is starting to hit, so that’s probably a sign to wrap things up. Dyl and I are both fairly big stoners (who knew? Seriously!) It just seems like a way to really relax and shut my mind off. My sleep numbers look better too (especially once I decided to move to Oklahoma; apparently deciding where I’d go next was really weighing me down, which makes sense because I’ve been so nervous about it.)

I can’t seem to do much in this state but maybe I could experiment with doses. Maybe a lower dose of weed will relax me enough to be in a creative state without making me sleepy. I know that I seem to have really great creative ideas when I’m high, though who knows if they’re really good or not. You feel like you can solve all the world’s problems but sometimes the ideas aren’t that great.

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