I’m going to pull the trigger

I’m going to take my so-called “best friend” to court to try to get my money back.

I know she has lots of ways to pretend that she doesn’t have money but in truth, she does, she just doesn’t know how to spend it.

She may think I’m “being mean” but being mean isn’t my motive. She’s trying to DARVO me and act like I did something wrong by asking for the money back.

I have lots of documentation about how much she owes me and though she said she’d pay me back, all I’ve gotten in the past 7 months is 50 bucks. She’s not even trying and isn’t communicating with me.

Even if I never see that money back, it will be worth getting a judgment against her. You simply don’t do that to a supposed “best friend.”

She obviously doesn’t fear me because she’s not making an effort to repay me or even keep in contact with me.

This does really call into question whether or not I was really getting guidance from J. I’m not sure if I was or not and that’s quite embarrassing.

But what I do know is that what she did to me was absolutely unconscionable and I’m not going to let her off scot-free. She’s gotten away with that her whole life and I think it’s important to send a very clear message that you don’t take advantage of “friends.” ESPECIALLY when they’re weak like I was after just having been widowed.

Seriously, fuck her and the horse she rode in on. I’ve made lots of excuses for her but I really don’t think she ever intended to pay me back and I’m not going to let that stand.

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