Exhausted but grateful

I guess the subject line says it all.

I got so much stuff done yesterday and I am so happy and relieved about it. I even made a lot of progress on my room and I hope to do more tomorrow.

I had a long talk with the kids because I was getting really frustrated by the fact that they (Chloe in particular) were not really pulling their weight around here. So we had a “come to Jesus” kind of talk and got a lot of stuff sorted out and new chore plans and division of labor. I feel really good about that.

Mostly I am just feeling really grateful. There are income based apartments in Denton that are a whole lot cheaper than what I currently pay. I’m thinking maybe I’ll try to move there in 6 months or so. (Well realistically next summer.) But who knows? This state is turning into a dumpster fire and if the same old jack wagons get re-elected I might move somewhere else instead.

In a way, that’s what was so good about talking with the kids yesterday. I am trying to prepare them for being on their own. I don’t know if Dyl will live with me or just in the same city but Chloe supposedly wants to move back to the Midwest where housing is cheap.

Dyl is so helpful and has such an easygoing personality. He is so much like J in that way, only more in touch with his emotions and better able to tell me when he’s upset. I wouldn’t mind living with him or even near him.

But I need to get to bed now. Tomorrow I’m going to an All Souls’ Day church service at J’s church. It’s the first time I’ve been in church since his memorial and I’m a bit nervous about it. I don’t know if I’ll completely fall apart or if it will be nothing.

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