Got a lot done today!

I got a lot done today (or I guess yesterday, since I’m about to go to bed.)

I got up early to take Dyl to his interview. And he got the job!! Woohoo!!

It’s such a good fit for him. It’s only 15 hours a week but that will still give him enough energy to cook and continue studying coding. He’ll be a mentor to unschooled kids.

If you don’t know, unschooling is a type of homeschooling that’s very, very unstructured. You basically facilitate the kids following their own interests and believe that real life applications can teach them most of what they need to know. I very much appreciated the concept but ultimately opted for my kids to go to public school, mostly because I knew they needed much more socialization than what I would give them (because left to my own devices, they would get virtually none) and because if they wanted to pursue advanced math or science, they would have better opportunities.

Now that they’ve all been through school, I can say that the socialization provided by school was kind of a mixed bag but (with Dyl especially) the access to advanced math and science was well-founded. He has already far surpassed either me or J, and J was excellent at math.

Anyway, we did kind of an unschooling sort of thing with them at home in addition to them attending public school. They’re all quirky and probably neurodivergent and they really retained their natural curiosity. So the job is actually an excellent fit for Dyl.

After he interviewed with the adult director of the program, some of the teens in the group got to interview him, too. One of the questions they asked him was “if you had to eat a spoonful of any condiment, what would it be?” And he didn’t even have to think twice before answering McDonald’s hot mustard sauce.

Then they asked him what he would do if kids brought in contraband items and he answered like a total smart-ass at first and said, “It depends on how cool it is” (then answered the question more seriously.)

He went in with his piercings and his longish hair pulled back in a ponytail and his tattoos visible and none of those things were an issue at all. He’s really going to thrive in this environment, I think. And they always say that you use who you know to find out about good jobs and I’m really, really happy that I could help him find this one.

Then Dyl and I went to Walmart to pick up a couple of things and then I took him to the Indian market by our house.

We ate dinner and that was good. And then I wrote an article on deadline and got a whole bunch of housework done. I changed out my sheets (which I had been meaning to do for a few days) and cleaned my bedroom a bunch and cleaned the kids’ bathroom pretty thoroughly, too.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early again to get Dyl to therapy and at the same time as he’s in therapy, I’ll be doing my orientation by Zoom for driving people to the polls on Election Day.

I feel really productive and proud of what I accomplished today. It’s a good feeling.

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