I didn’t get much done today

Or at least it doesn’t feel like I did.

I took all the Goodwill stuff in my trunk and dropped it off. I went to go vote early because I’m going to be driving people to the polls on Election Day.

I wrote 2 articles plus one for Medium. I also washed the dishes.

I smoothed things over with Dyl, which was really important to me. He had been upset because he made some edible gummies and I didn’t react well when he first told me because they’re a lot stronger than I expected them to be.

He was very discouraged by my reaction so I had to genuinely apologize and thank him for his efforts. He was more concerned with getting the gummy consistency right than with how much the dose was.

After I got that smoothed over, I went outside with Chloe and Dyl and had to show them how to smoke a joint lol. My dad had brought down two joints out of his personal stash (it’s legal where he lives.)

I didn’t particularly care for it because it was the sativa strain and I’ve never enjoyed smoking it. But they were kind of struggling because they were total newbies and had never smoked anything, so I had to demonstrate how to do it.

Dyl didn’t enjoy smoking it for the same reason I don’t (I hate the smell and having the taste in my mouth.) But Chloe rather liked it so I gave her the other one my dad brought.

I’m aware that to some people, this is an example of bad parenting. But I don’t see it that way at all. If they’re going to try it, I would rather have them be at home and I’m honestly very honored that they trust me so much.

I’m honestly not sure if this would have happened while J was still alive. I’ve experimented a lot more with drugs since his death, mostly because it often allows me to talk to him.

I also had my job interview for JCPenney remote work today and I think it went well. I also applied for remote work for Williams-Sonoma. Maybe I’ll get something. The extra money would definitely help but I’m still not sure if I can make it through the training period on day shift.

Dyl has an interview tomorrow with the private school that has the open position for someone to work with the unschoolers group. I think he’s be great at it and since it’s only 15 hours a week, he’d still have time to study for better jobs.

It looks likely that I may move to Denton next year. I’m too late to apply for any term before next fall, which sucks. I have to figure out how to do it and still keep my disability, which may be a challenge.

And of course even if I do get a full time job, I’ll still keep doing my freelancing and volunteering with the Trevor Project.

I may be busy but I finally feel a bit like the “widows fog” is starting to lift. And thank god for that.

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