A nothing day

I didn’t really get anything done today and I might have to reschedule my appointment at UTSW tomorrow.

I was up early for therapy yesterday and today Chloe needed me to take her car to get it fixed. The guy at the collision shop remembered me by my car (probably because they had it for so long lol.)

They would have had a guy from the car rental place go pick her up and take her to get the rental like they did with me but I remember that it was awkward AF being in a car with some dude I didn’t know. So I just took her instead.

I guess she’s passing very well for female because nobody ever assumes she was born male. She really does have feminine features and bone structure. The guy at the rental car place even upgraded her for free to a much nicer car than they gave me. (She got a Jetta, while I had to suffer with a tiny Nissan Versa. Given how long I had it, I was not amused.)

But I guess she gets special treatment because she’s a pretty young girl and honestly I’m really thrilled about that.

At the same time, this was one of those occasions when I really wished J were still here. Not just because it was an early morning appointment but because car stuff is so far outside my wheelhouse (no pun intended.)

I got some groceries and helped a friend and did a load of laundry but that doesn’t feel like much, especially considering how exhausted I am.

I had lots of stuff I wanted to do today and in the end I just had to nap to recover. I really hate days like this. But I guess it just happens and I have to listen to what my body needs because I really pay for it when I don’t.

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