The universe is opening up

This has only happened a couple of times before, both when I moved down here and when J and I found this house to rent.

I can feel the energies in my life starting to begin to shift ever so slightly. I’m pretty convinced that one way or the other, I’ll be somewhere new in a year.

It may not be Austin, despite how much I like it there. It might actually be California instead.

I’m going out there in June for my nephew’s wedding. I’ve been in touch with my friend Chris, who lives out there, and he was genuinely very excited that I was coming.

I have a lot of work to do, both on cleaning this place up and arranging where the kids will be. They’re still my first priority but fortunately they feel it too, this sense that a major change is coming soon.

I looked up apartments in Southern California and they’re surprisingly not much more expensive than the ones in Austin. Now that I feel very open to apartment living vs a house that opens up a lot of options to me.

I could even live within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean, which I would absolutely love. I’ve always been most at home in the water and I no longer feel as self-conscious about my weight.

Things could be very good within about a year and that’s really exciting.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing as far as a job but I think I will find something. Whether it’s a formal job (about which I am contacted several times a week) or writing books, I just really feel like something is going to work out.

The way the universe works, according to my past experiences, it may be a bit of a bumpy ride and it may not look like I expect but something will work.

Man, I really wish I could have convinced my former friend to work on paying me back because then she could experience this, too.

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