New new new!!

I finally know where I’m going to move and it’s not that far, relatively speaking. I’m going to move to Austin!

I’m still probably not going to be able to move for about a year. That will give me and the kids a chance to put everything in place and see how it shakes out and who’s going with me. So far Dyl says it sounds good but of course he wants to check it out.

I went down yesterday to stay the night with a mom friend I’ve known for ~20 years. She’s a single mom who shares custody with her ex. It sounds like kind of a messy situation.

And her apartment was a total disaster and that made me feel a lot better about my house, which is still pretty messy in its own right. But she broke her foot and can’t drive or walk far so I helped her out with a bunch of stuff.

Her whole apartment complex smelled vaguely like weed. There were lots of signs promoting Beto for governor and since he’s the Democratic candidate that certainly made me feel welcome.

She lives in the northwest part of the city which is older.But that also means it has lots of mature trees. It just had such a different vibe than where I live now and I really, really liked it.

She’s lived in that apartment complex for 6 years and she said it’s pretty low crime. I certainly felt safe when I was there and we were walking around a lot at night. She said her neighborhood is mostly a mix of college students and immigrants. Since I currently live around a lot of immigrants and I like it, that makes me feel very comfortable.

Yesterday I was walking her recycling out to the bin and it was a bit of a walk. Of course I was trying to carry too much stuff 🙄 so I dropped one of the boxes. A young man (probably one of the aforementioned students) saw me and said “do you need some help, pretty lady?” And I thanked him but said no, that I had it handled. And that was just a very welcoming encounter. (Yes I also know it was sexist but I don’t really mind that.)

I’m also thinking that apartment life is definitely for me and I’m not going to define that as a failure. I’ve only lived in houses for the past 25 years or so and honestly it’s pretty overrated anyway.

I do remember that it was really easy to make friends when I lived in apartments here before (and I’m still friends with many of them even today.)

Honestly I just felt so at home there. And the rent is expensive but doable, especially if I have help or if I find low-income housing.

I want to be in the city. Not the suburbs like I am now and definitely not the country. Texas + country doesn’t suit me AT ALL.

I could live in the most progressive part of Texas and I think I could be really happy there.

I just have to get an apartment with a washer and dryer in my unit, because my friend had to use a laundromat at her complex and I had to help her with 5 loads. That’s honestly a huge quality of life thing for me.

And now I have something to look forward to and work towards and I am SO happy and relieved. I can live in the hippie city and I will love it.

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  1. SH says:

    Being an apartment dweller all my life, wait, no washer in apartment units seems very foreign to me. I don’t use dryers though, they’re not common here. We air dry our clothes – some use clothing poles, but I use a foldable clothing rack.

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