Making some changes

I’m actually really going to try super hard to get my sleep on track. I’m honestly not looking forward to the process, as I know that it’s going to be extremely difficult and if I achieve it, I will never be able to have late nights again and I will have to be super vigilant about caffeine.

I just can’t be one of those people who has a “whatever” attitude about sleep. I can’t stay up late to push through and meet deadlines or work overtime (if I get a job.)

But I’m thinking a lot more about travel and where I might want to live. Now it looks questionable whether or not Dyl will go with me to Colorado but I might go somewhere else instead to check it out. Maybe California (although I already have a trip there scheduled for next June for my nephew’s wedding.) Maybe Oregon or Washington state. I don’t know.

I just suddenly feel really free to decide what to do with my life. And I decided that I’m going to write novels and get them published on Amazon and that’s going to be how I’ll support myself. So I guess I really need to get writing, eh? Because I assume it will take a little time to establish myself in that career, and I will need to be making more money to live where I want.

And on that note, I just have to say fuck you, Vince. He was my creative writing professor who told me I had no talent. I obviously DO and I wasted so much time believing him. Not anymore.


  1. SH says:

    Yep, Vince can go eff himself. Such works from a teacher van be SO damaging.

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    1. SH says:

      Typos. I meant: Such words from a teacher can be so damaging.

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