Making it through

I guess. It’s still terrifying every day and I wish my former friend cared at all about the situation I’m in. Oh well.

I started talking about it at dinner and Chloe (respectfully) cut me off. She said there’s no use in beating myself up for what is already done. She said there may be a point where I get paid back but if I don’t it says a whole lot of bad about my friend but nothing bad about me.

I figure that a big part of parenting my kids and ensuring that they’re good people is talking about this stuff and being honest with them. Trust me that they’re learning valuable lessons about whom to trust and who not to—but they’re also learning about me, too.

I have continued to be generous with others even though I got so badly burned by my friend. Obviously I’m not as generous with anyone else but I still do my best.

I’ve almost entirely got my office set up and my dressers switched over. I can actually see the end in sight of this massive project I’ve undertaken and it feels really good. I really feel like I’m accomplishing something major.

I still don’t know what the future holds at all but I’m trying to believe that I’ll be okay.

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