Exhaustion wins

I got a whole crap load of stuff done yesterday.

That’s mainly because I didn’t really sleep last night because Dyl was leaving for New Mexico with his girlfriend and her dad at 6:30 yesterday morning. I tried to go to sleep early last night but my “mom sense” kicked in and I lay there barely resting until I heard him leave.

Also early yesterday morning I really got onto Chloe’s case because there were two days worth of dishes piled up in the kitchen. I told her that paying reduced rent is contingent on doing those chores in a more timely manner than that.

She responded “geez fine, I was going to get them after dinner tonight but I guess I can do it now.” Umm, yeah?!?

Apparently, she was only chatting with a friend online so it’s not like she had much more important stuff to do. She reacted like I was being a real hard ass and 1) I don’t think I was at all (especially because I got all the dishes rinsed off for her) and 2) really?!?!

She often drags her feet a whole lot even about things like this that are for her benefit. I let her know that paying reduced rent was a privilege contingent on doing the dishes and she could always opt out if she wanted.

I’m sorry but that kind of shit just won’t fly, especially when I have so much work to do.

However, she did have an interview yesterday and she may (crossing my fingers so hard) finally have a job. God, I hope so. This process has really dragged on for way too long.

Then I had therapy, which was good, and I was already ready to leave the house right afterwards.

I mailed some returns and my dad’s birthday card and bought stamps and returned stuff to the mall. And then I came home and cleaned a whole bunch.

My bedroom and office aren’t completely clean or set up yet but I think they will be very soon.

Oh yeah, and I called the vet because Dyl thinks Batsu has worms and I also called two other places I needed to. And I broke down a bunch of boxes and took out the trash and recycling.

It’s no wonder that I’m actually tired at an earlier time. It’s kind of a good thing.

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