Newer friends

I finally got a chance to meet up with Nash again last night. He’s the guy I met on the dating app a few months ago.

If you’ll remember, he’s a lot younger than me. He’s also pretty successful and he’s an Indian immigrant. He’s actually a great person to talk to when I start feeling too down on living in the US because he sees things from a different perspective.

Anyway, we hadn’t gotten together for a variety of reasons, mostly mine. My mental health hasn’t been great in the past month or so. But unlike Cat, he doesn’t ever pressure me to try to be more available than I am and he’s really patient. It’s actually really refreshing that when he tells me that he wants me to feel better, I know that he genuinely means it and is concerned about me.

Last night, we met for dinner at a Mexican restaurant I really like called Torchy’s. It turns out that he was already familiar with it and liked it but I got him to try their green chile queso, which is pretty famous because it’s so good.

After that, we left and met up at his new place. (Did I mention that he drives a Tesla? I can’t lie; I was impressed.) He has been doing this certain type of meditation that he says has been really helpful for him and I asked him to teach it to me.

I trust my gut always and my gut knew I would be safe to go to his house (but I still messaged Chloe with the address, just in case.) And it was really good. He taught me the meditation technique and then we got to talking a bit.

I told him my shameful, embarrassing secret about how I foolishly wasted some of my life insurance money on my former friend. And I also told him that I had sent her a letter recently, telling her that I wasn’t going to take her to court, even though I contacted legal aid and they said I do have a valid case and could sue her.

I told him what I told her, just to see if it sounded crazy to him, and it didn’t at all. I told her (and him) that I believe in the universal laws of money and karma and I will always be taken care of because I’m generous and I meet my obligations. I said it was up to her whether or not she took those laws seriously but it was out of my hands now.

I talked to her a lot about those universal laws and at the time, she said she believed in them. She was convincing to me but who knows if that was all part of an act to scam me out of money.

Nash told me that I’m a good person and I will indeed always be taken care of but I have to keep believing in myself. I can’t lie down and assume that everything is going to suck for me forever (which I admit I have kinda been doing that lately.)

He also told me that I didn’t want to believe that my friend intentionally took advantage of me and he didn’t express an opinion on that one way or the other. But he said that the fact that I’m still willing to believe that maybe it wasn’t intentional is just proof that I’m a really good person and I shouldn’t change that. (Although to be sure, I’ve learned a very hard lesson from all of this and I wouldn’t do it again if I could go back in time.)

He also said that I have to have an attitude of openness towards the universe and amazing things will happen for me. I’ve experienced that before, both when I moved down here and then again when we found this house to rent.

He himself recently had something similar happen. He was living in an apartment with a roommate but he really wasn’t happy with the situation. So he put that thought out into the universe that he wanted a better place to live.

What he got was the opportunity to stay in a family friends’ house. The house is big and beautiful and was currently unoccupied. They even purchased furniture for him, which was all really nice. They’re even going to have a charging station installed for his Tesla. And the best part is that he doesn’t have to pay rent until January.

He asked me, as he often does, if there’s anything he can do to help me. And I was very honest with him and I told him that seeing how well he was doing tempted me to ask for financial help but I was choosing not to do that. (I even paid for my own dinner at Torchy’s.) I was very cautious about not taking advantage of him.

He’s a genuinely nice guy and if I asked for money, he’d probably give it to me. But I don’t want to be that kind of person.

But he did get me thinking about how to be in that mindset to receive blessings from the universe. I think I’m going to be working on that.

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