So much to do

I don’t know what’s up with me but I slept most of the day away again yesterday.

I did wake up in time to get my articles in by deadline and I washed up the dishes and swept the floors in my office. But those things really don’t feel like huge accomplishments, especially compared with what I have to do.

I need to finish getting all my clothes out of my old dresser and moved into the new one. I also need to (FINALLY) get the huge pile of clothes in my bedroom hung up or sorted into piles for donating or selling.

I also want to swap out the table in my office for the desk in J’s office but that will probably need to wait until after Dyl is done with his job next week.

I also want to organize my makeup and scrub my bathroom sinks and countertops.

I also want to scrub the kitchen floors and do a really good job on them.

It seems like my house doesn’t need that much to look really clean and organized but I am just so overwhelmed by all of it. I really don’t know why, either.

Maybe it’s an ADHD thing but I just look at all that I have to do and instead of feeling like it would be manageable, it just feels completely overwhelming and I don’t know where to even begin.

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