J visited me again

Last night, J visited me again. I seem to have figured out that I have to alter my consciousness just a bit to be able to get in touch with him. I had taken two 10mg edibles before I went to bed and within less than a couple of hours, I could contact him (although that doesn’t always work, either.)

I’m currently to see if I can contact him by meditating enough. I guess that will be my next trick. I have a pretty good feeling that it will eventually work.

When he came to visit me last night, he answered a lot of questions for me, specifically about my future.

For one thing, he told me that he’s been working on his mom and still isn’t making any progress but he’s not giving up yet. But he also told me that she was angry with me when I texted her to give her the heads up that he would be trying to contact her. He also said that I really got under her skin and she talks about me a lot more than I do about her. I don’t know if that’s really true or not but it kinda amuses me if it is.

He also told me to tell Chloe that she can pay me $150 less for rent because she needs the help right now and at some point next year, I will realize that I am really going to be okay financially.

He said that I will be writing novels and publishing them on Amazon and I will be successful at it. But he also said that it’s okay if I can’t do it right now and that it doesn’t mean I’ll never be able to do it.

He told me that I may date a few more women but that I will largely find it frustrating and it won’t be a permanent thing. He also said that part of the reason Cat and I split up was because she felt like she might’ve been developing feelings for me. I wish I could ask her because she always believed in my communication with him as real.

He said that the guy who’s currently only my friend is the first of two guys that I’ll meet who will be in love with me. (If that’s the case, it makes me feel much better because I am comfortable with him and I trust him.)

Then he said that sometime around the holidays next year, I’ll meet “the one.” I kept repeatedly asking where I would meet him but J didn’t have an answer.

He just said that we will have the same kind of sexual chemistry that I had with Cat, only it will be within a relationship and he will be very comfortable expressing how he feels about me.

Apparently—remember that I said he got very specific with me—the guy I’ll meet owns a big house in Lewisville, a suburb here that’s in Denton County where Amy lives (I think.)

I will eventually move in with him in that house and we will also spend a lot of time in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. I will be making my own money from my writing but he didn’t say how much, just that it would be enough to support myself.

He also said that by then, all the kids will be ready to move on with their own lives.

He also told me to take up a regular habit of exercise, both for my health and my weight. (I’m now only 10 pounds over the weight limit to no longer be considered obese and then my weight would only have me in the “overweight” category.)

Also, very oddly specific, but he also told me to buy an iMac and to swap out my desk with the one in his office. He said it would help me focus more on writing as a career if I had a desktop.

I mentioned it to Amy and her take on it was to think about it for a while because my husband “isn’t thinking so much about my finances from the afterlife.” Which is a fair point but I also think he is thinking about my finances and what will help me work more effectively.

I have to admit that I can’t really see myself finishing a novel on my laptop. But I also don’t want to get too carried away with expenses, either.

I really have no idea if any or all of what he said was true. On the one hand, I have no reason to doubt it. But on the other hand, it really seems too good to be true.

At the very least, it gives me a reason to keep going, which I desperately need right now.

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