New developments

So I went on a date last night with a 31-year-old guy and it actually went very well, kind of to my surprise.

He’s Indian and he’s only 31 years old, which was a big surprise that I was comfortable with him despite the 17-year age difference. He has a master’s degree, so the fact that he’s well-educated meant that we had a lot of things to discuss. He’s pretty intelligent and so am I and both of us are what they call “sapiosexual,” which means we’re turned on by intelligence.

We went to dinner at a hipster pizza place and split a vegetarian pizza because he’s veg. Because I have been vegetarian myself in the past, it’s no problem for me to do it now.

He’s also uncut, which is a strong preference for me. And he’s not weirded out by any of the things that I do sexually and in fact finds them a turn on.

We made out in the car like teenagers and that was a lot of fun.

He told me that I was really pretty and that I easily look 10-15 years younger than than I am. I’ve heard the same thing from others so I know he wasn’t lying just to flatter me.

I can’t help but feel like this is another spiritual connection like I have with Cat. I don’t know if J’s arranging this behind the scenes to give me a taste of what it’s like to be so desired, especially sexually, because that was always the weak spot in our otherwise-good marriage.

I don’t know what the reason for it is but I’m really happy. I get to have casual relationships that give me really good sex and someone to talk to, which is really what I need at this stage of my life.

And now that I’m not on the grad school plan anymore, I think I’m just going to ramp up my writing career even further. It’s not a fluke or an accident that I’ve been so successful so far and I think I can be even more successful.

Maybe my life is actually going to turn out okay and all on my own terms. I have to say that I really like that. And apparently I think I’m truly bisexual even if I have a strong preference for women. Some men are actually good ones.

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