Back to reality…whatever it may be

I went to Cat’s house this week on Saturday night instead of Friday night because Dyl and I had appointments scheduled for tattoos on Saturday morning.

I initially expected the tattoos to take much less time than they did, so I gave Cat a wildly inaccurate estimate of my arrival time. In the end, Dyl and I ended up taking 6 hours for our tattoos, which made for a super long day.

I had to drive Dyl home from Dallas, grab my overnight bag, and leave for Cat’s back in Dallas immediately. It was kinda crazy, to say the least.

But at least she ordered hibachi by takeout for both of us and it was already waiting for me when I got there. So I finished off a bottle of wine I’d left over there and we watched a couple of episodes of a fun and entertaining show (Insecure with Issa Rae…loved it!) And then we got down to our usual stuff, which I hesitate to describe as a fuck fest even though that’s pretty much what it is. 😉

I didn’t really have any major revelations this time like I usually do. I only felt strongly that everything is going to be okay for me and got more confirmation that whatever bond I have with her is absolutely magical. And since J knew so much about it, I can only take that as some type of endorsement from him.

So I’m a day late with my re-orientation to the world again and I still feel kinda hazy and surreal. Part of that is because we took edibles, which always affects me for at least a day later. I picked up Dyl’s girlfriend before going to get him from work.

I have a date this week with a guy. (!!!) But he’s interesting and very spiritually-minded and he kinda snuck past my filter. That’s usually a rare and positive sign but I have no idea what to expect from our date.

He’s really young, which is probably the most surprising part. He’s only 31–which is 17 years younger than me. But he’s really good-looking and he said he prefers to date older women, so I guess we’ll see what happens next.

I asked for more work from my regular freelance client and got a bunch more, so that should help. I also want to do a lot more of my personal writing projects, both for Medium and an unnamed Amazon project I will discuss more later. (Maybe.)

I’m just kind of in a weird limbo where I’m not sure what I’m doing next but it’s very good overall.

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