New discoveries

So I have finally experienced this mythical thing called sexual chemistry.

I had honestly almost convinced myself that it didn’t really exist because I had never experienced it before. And I’m not certain what this means about whether or not I’m really a lesbian (though signs continue to point to yes) but I’m definitely experiencing it with Cat.

I took 2 edibles last night and that seemed to be the sweet spot. I knew that the indica strain of weed tends to make me feel pretty horny. (I honestly hate that word, though.) So I got to experience that with Cat and it was singing from the rooftops AMAZING.

We ended up having sex literally all night long. I lost track of where one orgasm ended and the other began for both of us. It was just absolutely wild because I’ve never experienced anything similar.

Right before I took the edibles, I had found out that I didn’t get accepted to the grad school program I’d applied to and I was honestly in shock. Honestly, I still am—my undergrad GPA was so high that I never prepared myself for the possibility that I wouldn’t get in.

Still, it’s a very competitive program—only 10 percent of applicants are accepted, which makes me feel a little better.

But while I was high, I was also trying to think about my career goals and I’m now not 100% sure that being a therapist is what I want to do. I’m also not sure that it isn’t what I want to do either.

So I’m taking some time to really think about what I want to do next. I may want to just write novels, as that’s always been my real career goal. I was originally majoring in creative writing but quit the program after being bullied by a professor.

Now I’m wondering: what if? Maybe he was bullying me because I had real talent. I know that I am a good writer, though I don’t know why that’s why he bullied me. Maybe I was just too full of myself; who knows?

Anyway, I have a lot of time to think about what I want to do next with my life, and I may just try writing novels and see what happens.

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