I am so confused.

I keep talking to Cat, the woman I attended the concert with. If you’ll remember, I was supposed to go on a date with her and backed out at the last minute. I was flaky as all hell.

I thought that I wasn’t attracted to her but I’m finding that I am. And it turns out that we are actually just wonderfully compatible in every way.

J told me when he came to visit me in my dream or whatever it was that I was going to end up in a relationship with her. And mind you, that was before our scheduled date.

TMI alert but he even predicted that I would love sucking on her large breasts (as that’s kind of a fetish of mine) and it has since turned out that she absolutely LOVES having her breasts sucked. Like it turns her on more than just about anything else.

Every woman I’ve ever been with has been just “meh” about having that done to them so I fully expected to be seen as weird for it.

Similarly, she is also incredibly turned on by women squirting, which is something that I do.

But our connection is so much more than just sexual. I can and do talk to her for hours every day. The last person I felt that with was…J.

We’ve both agreed that there seems to be something almost cosmic about how we’re drawn to each other. She said that normally she would have given up on me for flaking on our date but she keeps wanting to talk to me anyway.

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