Meeting new people

So I went out to dinner with my new friend yesterday. It was a pretty good time. We hugged each other when I got to the restaurant.

She was noticeably more reluctant to open up to me but eventually she did. I could pinpoint the moment when she seemed to relax and let her guard down more, though not what preceded it.

We stayed for nearly two hours and we probably could have stayed much longer, just talking. But I heard a guy sitting near me sneeze and it wigged me out. She noticed it, too. We’re both vaccinated and boosted but Covid is still going around and it makes me nervous (her too.)

I’m not particularly physically attracted to her. Not that she’s ugly or anything; I just didn’t feel that spark of attraction. For that reason, I was really glad that it wasn’t a date per se.

But I’m glad I went and it seems like I have a new friend, which I can always use.

I don’t know when I will start actually dating again. It doesn’t seem like it will be any time soon. I really, really still miss J a lot. I know he’s not coming back either way but my heart is still much too broken to think about someone else.

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