Trying to get my groove back

I ended up having to take down a couple of Medium posts.

Amy had a hard time reading them and it was making her get really mad at me.

Unfortunately, this is a lot like the time when my mom reacted badly to something I wrote. That time ended up throwing me off my game for about 6 weeks. I really hope this time doesn’t take as long.

My muse is apparently very, very sensitive and when people close to me are reading and reacting badly it just shuts me right up.

On another note, I’ve gone down two sizes since January (three since this time last year.) Clothing shopping is fun again and I’m getting a little more adventurous with my outfits.

On yet another note, I have finally found the grad school program I want to attend. It’s in Dallas at a nationally known university with a great reputation. It’s also very competitive, so I’m not guaranteed to get in, although I think I stand a good chance because my undergrad grades were so high.

BUT the downside is that I’ve already missed the deadline for the fall semester. If I get in, it will be worth the wait. I might even try to go full time. But that also leaves me with more time to fill up and who knows what that will do to me. I guess we’ll see.

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  1. SH says:

    Thinking the wait also gives you time to build up to grad school. University / college in itself seems so daunting to me, and so grad school sounds really difficult, wow!

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