Nope, still don’t like it

My dad brought down some marijuana edibles when he visited, since it’s legal in the state where he lives.

Dylan took one and he said it made him silly and goofy. I wasn’t in any hurry to try one until he said that. So I took one.

And nope, I still don’t like being high. It’s mostly wearing off now but that was several hours of discomfort and unpleasantness.

It was exactly like I remembered from doing it as a teenager. It wasn’t any better just because it was more pure and I wasn’t doing it with sketchy punks.

I remember that while I was high, I looked up bad reactions to weed and my experience didn’t fit what they described at all. I just don’t react well to it.

I am such a dork that I kept a record of how I was feeling while high, just so I will have it for future reference.

I did have a better experience in the past when I smoked weed from the indica strain. That just makes me relaxed and sleepy. But me and the sativa strain are definitely not friends. I’m honestly kinda disappointed that I didn’t feel silly and goofy: it sounds fun.

And to be clear, I’m still 100% pro-legalization. I still think it’s much, much safer than alcohol, which is why I let Dylan try it. I just won’t be partaking.

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