Whew, long day

Yesterday was seriously one long-ass day.

I can already tell that I’m burning my candle at both ends and in the middle as well.

I wanted to wake up early enough to drop off more clothes to my friend and return some stuff to Kohl’s before my parents get here tomorrow. But I just couldn’t wake up in time.

I ended up waking up in plenty of time, though, for Dylan and I to go get our tattoos memorializing J. He got a sakura flower on the inside of his wrist.

I got a much larger tattoo of a branch of sakura blossoms intertwined with a branch of lilacs (my favorite flower.) I also brought something he wrote to me which says “Love, J” in his handwriting. It’s absolutely beautiful.

I’ve probably mentioned it here lots of times but I decided the sakura blossoms are a perfect way to memorialize J. Not only are they popular in Japan and he loved everything Japanese but they also symbolize that sometimes life is short but beautiful.

I got home after midnight and still had cleaning to do. I did end up just shoving a bunch of stuff back into my closet after all. But I also got things moderately cleaned up, too. Not anywhere near as good as I wanted it (and I didn’t get to change the cat litter, which is a big oof) but at least the house looks kinda presentable, if a bit messy still.

I also heard from J’s half-sister Erin. They had the same biological dad but different mothers. She thanked me for existing (lol) and making J happy. And she has found my writings about him and thanked me for giving her such a good picture of the brother she never really knew.

She also saw what my MIL said about me and the kids and was horrified. She wanted to extend her support to us as another member of J’s family and said she’d be there for us in any way possible.

Honestly, that was just a really nice message to receive. I think Kris is too caught up in trying to make her mother love her, and it means she’s too chickenshit to defend me and the kids from Sue’s outright lies. Unfortunately, I don’t expect that to change much as long as Sue’s alive.

So knowing that I have a potentially much more sane member of J’s family reaching out to offer support to me and the kids really means a lot.

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