The memorial

So in addition to my MIL not coming down for J’s memorial, it now turns out that my sister’s not coming, either.

Unlike my MIL’s absence, it does kind of hurt that my sister isn’t coming.

She had some (IMO bullshit) excuse about why she’s not coming: it all has to do with her kid’s sports. As usual.

She even said that she was sorry but she had to choose her child, like that was supposed to make logical sense to me.

This is my husband’s memorial. It’s not the kind of thing you can do over again. And I can’t help but remember her pouty face during my wedding and the fact that she didn’t stay for the reception because she wanted to work on her tan. 🙄

I don’t know if she’s jealous because J and I were so close and she’s not with her husband or if she’s just really that self-absorbed.

She also mentioned that if I lived there in mid-Michigan she’d probably be able to make it. But unlike her (whose husband makes about $200K a year), Michigan was a constant kick in the teeth for us, so sorry but no.

Oh, and she said that they’re all continuing to pray for me. Pardon me for saying so but that just feels like such a hollow gesture.

I feel like saying keep your thoughts and prayers. What I need is emotional support. I have no idea how to respond kindly so I’m probably going to ignore her message. It feels like she’s doing less than nothing and no, I sure as hell don’t understand how the playoffs of an elementary school travel hockey team in any way compares to my loss.

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  1. SH says:

    It is very hollow and performative of her. You deserve better. If I was geographically close by (I’ve done this for every friend who needs), I would be happy to knock out some chores while you rest. Or I’d offer my ears if you wanted to talk and cry. ❤


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