Still waiting

So he’s not being released today. They don’t have the results of the lung fluid test yet.

They finally did another test about the pain in his leg: a bone scan to see if the cancer has spread there. This seems so fucking obvious that it makes me really angry at UT Southwestern.

He has seen specialists there about both his chronic cough and his leg pain. They essentially dismissed both complaints.

They gave him Advair and a rescue inhaler to manage his lungs. They never once considered that he might have MPE, even though it’s a common problem for cancer patients.

They basically did nothing about his leg. They tried prescribing Lyrica and Neurontin, which did nothing. And then they essentially shrugged and stopped looking.

He’s at our local hospital and they’ve actually discovered the fluid in his lungs and drained it and now they’re doing a bone scan to determine if the cancer has metastasized. All of these things seem relatively obvious.

And UTSW seems like they should be better and based on reputation they are. At least the neurologist I saw there determined that I have leukodystrophy and not MS. But now I’m wondering if he should have just stayed in Fort Worth and asked to see a different oncologist.

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