Gah…too busy!

I have way, way too much going on in the next week or so, but really through the end of the year and into January already.

I have an eye appointment tomorrow with Chloe, then I have to take her for her Covid booster on Wednesday, get my own Covid booster on Thursday, and do a ton of returns and shopping on Friday and Saturday.

I really hope I don’t have a bad reaction to the booster shot that wipes me out. I did have that kind of reaction to my second shot but both of my first two were Pfizer and the booster is Moderna. I don’t know how my body will react. Amy reached badly to her second vaccine as well as the booster and they were the same types of shots I’m getting.

Then Sunday is prep for my colonoscopy (yuck and also brings up a lot of complicated feelings about whether or not I’ll end up diagnosed with colon cancer like J) and I have my actual colonoscopy on Monday. And of course I have to buy the items for the prep before then, too. I tried to get them last night but Kroger was a disaster and I left without them.

Somewhere between now and then I also have to get birthday cards for both J and my mom and maybe try to find a few small gifts for J, but that would require going to Plano (aka almost an hour drive each way) to find the kinds of things he likes.

And I need to get my mom’s birthday gift in the mail probably by Friday and get the Christmas gifts sent to her and my dad soon, too.

I’ll have one day to recover from my colonoscopy before I have to go get Dylan from college and the following day is J’s birthday.

I am so, so happy that J is here for another birthday!! I really want him to feel special and loved. But I also have to admit that I have so much to do that I’m afraid my focus will be on the wrong things.

Oh yes, and I also have a ton of article deadlines and for some reason, my primary client likes to give me four articles due on the same day instead of spreading them out. I have five articles due by Wednesday.

Chloe also got the orthopedist to refer her for an MRI of her wrist before the end of the year so that will be scheduled in there, too.

And I still have to fill out a list of all my earnings for 2021 for Social Security. And I need to call my student loan servicer before payments resume next month because I’ve been told that since I’m on disability I shouldn’t have to pay it, but I’m doubting it will be that easy.

And I have to get medical powers of attorney filled out for Chloe and Dylan by the end of the year as well and get them notarized as well.

Then Chloe is getting her wisdom teeth removed in early January as well.

I’m sure that I’m forgetting a lot more things, too. Like shopping for food and maybe preparing some holiday treats. And maybe getting some stuff listed on eBay so people can buy it as Christmas gifts but then I would have to make time to go to the post office (again.)

I just feel extremely overwhelmed by all of this and I don’t think it’s going to let up very much until after I take Dylan back to college again in mid-January.

I really just want to sleep and make this all go away for a while. But then again, I can’t really do that because there will still be all this stuff waiting for me when I wake up.

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