Sigh of relief

Yesterday, I got even more crossed off my to-do list. But that’s in part because my husband helped and we had a come-to-Jesus talk with Chloe, that she just plain has to help out more.

Chloe now has to unload the dishwasher (if applicable) and wash the dishes every night. And she’s also in charge of taking the recycle bin from our kitchen out to dump it in the main bin every day, too.

My husband took care of the cat litter tray. And he also surprised me by putting the lights on the Christmas tree while I was out running errands.

I was so, so incredibly grateful for that help! I can’t even put it into words. When I came home from my errands and saw the lights on the tree, I almost cried with relief. It was just so overwhelming to me and I am so unbelievably glad he took care of it.

I had intended to put up my pretty new ornaments last night. But like everything else that has gone wrong this year, of course the new ornaments didn’t come with hooks to hang them on the tree.

Oh well…at least I should be able to get them tomorrow.

I think my husband really grasped how unbelievably overwhelmed I was and thank God he was able to help me.

I am not able to do everything by myself yet, even though I’m trying really hard. Hopefully, by the time I really need to, I’ll be able to rise to the occasion. I’m just really not there yet. But at least I can finally almost see an end in sight. Maybe it will all be okay.

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