Another busy day

Yesterday was almost as busy as Thanksgiving but in a totally different way.

I had to take Dylan to hang out with his friends early in the afternoon. When I got back from doing that, I tried to nap, but it was cut short when J came in to lie down next to me and ended up having an extended coughing fit.

So I got up and went out to do a whole bunch of errands, like picking up some jeans I ordered for Dylan, picking up Christmas tree lights, and going to Costco to get bottled water and Gatorade Zero for Dylan.

It was the kind of day where I got home with food for me and Chloe just 15 minutes before I had to leave again to pick up Dyl from his friends. Whew!

I hope I will get to rest more tomorrow, since I have to do the long round-trip drive again on Sunday to take Dyl back to school.

I was reading earlier about how they have discovered a new variant of the Covid virus in S Africa and it appears like it might be resistant to the vaccine.

Wouldn’t that just be the way of things? I mean, you can call me a doomer if you want, but I’m not totally surprised that we’ve had an outbreak like this and that it’s gone on for almost two years already. I always kinda expected that something like this would happen during my lifetime.

What I didn’t expect, of course, was that this would be happening at the same time that my husband is fighting for his life. It makes it all so much scarier.

I wish we could be going out and doing fun stuff together (at least when he was still well enough for that.) It just feels like we’re wasting any potential opportunities to make memories together.

And though I know how to talk myself through my anxiety pretty well by now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel it.

I wish things could stay the same, including being financially able to help both my kids and total strangers. But I know that’s going to end and I’m really sad about that, along with all the other things I have to be sad about.

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