Well, I survived making my first Thanksgiving dinner almost completely by myself. Dylan helped me a bit but I did most of it. And it wasn’t even extremely late or anything.

Amy, her boyfriend, and Chloe worked together after dinner to put up the Christmas tree for me. It ended up being a fairly quick task with three people working on it.

It was just a really good day. Amy and her boyfriend were both very lovely and helpful. I think they were surprised that I was doing the whole dinner by myself (or at least Amy said she was.)

Honestly, I pushed myself pretty hard and I’ll definitely need some rest, which I probably won’t be able to catch up on until after I take Dylan back to school on Sunday.

It’s been nice having him home again, though, and it will be even better when I go back to get him in a couple of weeks for the semester break. He’ll have about a month off, which will be really good.

He’s finally finding his niche on campus. He says he now feels like he has two homes: at our house and at A&M. Given how rough his initial adjustment was, I am just so relieved that he feels like he’s at home when he’s on campus.

I still don’t have any sense of what lies ahead with J’s health. To be honest, I still kind of fear the worst, based on his signs right now. Even Amy had to ask him several times if he was okay yesterday.

But whether or not he gets better is something I can hope for but not control. And yesterday, having everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner was kind of a way to prove that I’ll be okay either way. I think that may have been a bit of a relief for us all.

Hopefully, my husband will have a lot more holidays with us. But if the worst happens and he doesn’t, I have a little better of a picture of what life in the after will be like. Some of the minor details still aren’t worked out yet (like how I will afford to stay here) but I think I will have my kids to help out. And for that, I’m very grateful and lucky.

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