Nothing new

My week coming up is going to be crazy busy and I’m trying to gear up for it.

I have a bunch of stuff to return so I’ll be heading to the post office and the UPS store and FedEx store. But hopefully once I get those packages out of here, it will look less cluttered overall.

My clutter right now is mostly confined to just my office and part of my bedroom. But it’s really bugging me a lot and I’m sure it’s bothering my husband, too.

I also got a letter from the Social Security Administration inquiring about my earnings. Apparently, I’m supposed to update them frequently about how much I’m earning.

It’s also possible that I may have earned too much this year by $1000-$2000. I did a lot of internet research and most likely, I won’t be kicked off disability but I may have to pay back any overages.

I also screwed up by not reporting my two trials of work as formal “trials of work.” I lasted less than a week, which counts against my earnings but doesn’t show that I was unsuccessful in trying to work. That would have been really helpful to my case if I had reported it as a trial of work.

It turns out that my “slow” months at my primary writing job is right about where my earnings should be. For some reason, I thought the earnings limit was several thousand higher than it is. I know for a fact that I got my figures from information the SSA sent me, so maybe I was looking at the amount blind people can earn (which is higher.)

I’m not really sure but I need to be paying a lot more attention to this.

I have all kinds of other things I want to write about but my energy is just low lately. I slept really late both yesterday and Saturday, which was disappointing because I wanted to be more productive and spend more time with J.

But I’m also learning that I can only shortchange my sleep for so long and then it will force me to get the rest I need. Since this week is going to require a lot of limited-sleep days, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens again next weekend, too. But I really don’t want it to. My sleep needs are really frustrating to me, especially because they’re so inescapable.

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