Another day of doing nothing

Don’t worry: I won’t update about my days of doing nothing forever.

Yesterday I took Chloe to get her hair cut by my stylist. Chloe hadn’t had a haircut in three years, in part due to not trusting anyone to do it and also (I suspect) due to some depression she was dealing with.

It’s really good to see that she’s starting to come out of her shell a bit now. I promised her that my hairstylist would do a good job and I was relieved that she did. Chloe took in a picture of a layered cut that was slightly below chin-length.

Because my stylist is really good and knows what she’s doing, she actually left it a bit longer because she said it was likely to poof up too much if she went as short as the photo. Chloe’s hair is very thick like mine so the stylist knew what to watch out for. My stylist isn’t the cheapest but I pay a bit extra because she knows what to do with my hair and always errs on the more conservative side when it comes to taking off length.

So now Chloe has a haircut that makes her feel more confident about herself and more feminine. And I have to say that I was totally just wonderfully impressed by the fact that my stylist didn’t treat her any differently because she was trans. I sent my stylist a text afterwards telling her how happy Chloe was with the haircut and added that as a mom, I really appreciated the fact that she didn’t treat Chloe any differently for being transgender.

Her response was “she’s beautiful!” And that just did my heart so good.

I see Chloe gradually blossoming and becoming more confident in herself, which makes me really happy for her. I also really enjoy the fact that she enjoys doing typical “mother-daughter” stuff like discussing makeup. Tomorrow we’re going to go together to the bath and body store and possibly to get coffee.

I’ve missed out on most of that with my oldest daughter. She’s not interested in as many stereotypically “girly” things. It’s kind of amusing because I am not the biggest girly-girl myself. But I do sometimes enjoy that and I like having someone to do it with.

This year since Dylan’s been away at school, it has given me more time to develop the relationship with Chloe and that’s been a really good thing.

On another totally unrelated note, my husband is back on the more intense chemo regimen that he took at first, and so far, it seems to be working. He had a lot of pain in his side before, often severe enough that it interfered with his sleep.

After being on this new chemo regimen for about a month (maybe longer? Who can tell what “time” is anymore?) that pain is going away. His doctor suspects that the pain was caused by the cancerous lymph nodes and presumably, those lymph nodes are shrinking.

So yes, it’s a drag that he’ll be on chemo for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. But maybe this regimen will get him back to “no evidence of disease” status again like he was before. And if it does, that will definitely be something to celebrate. He might just be around a while longer, which is the best thing I can ask for.

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