New horizons, maybe

So I guess the first piece of big news is about a potential new job. I had a first interview two days ago (with two people) and a second interview with someone else yesterday.

The interviews both went very well as far as I could tell. They called me like 15 minutes after the first interview to schedule the second, and the second guy interviewing me told me that my answers were awesome.

Somehow last night I had set my alarm for PM instead of AM and I would have missed the interview entirely. J texted Chloe and she was actually awake (which is itself unusual) and she came and woke me up 10 minutes before the interview. How I managed to be alert and functional is still beyond me. I don’t even think I said “umm” or “what was I saying, again?” even once, which is also unusual.

So the details are that it’s an EAP coordinator for a major health insurance company, working third shift and remotely. EAP stands for employee assistance program and the job is essentially listening to people tell me their problems and then triaging them accordingly. The second tier of representatives includes licensed counselors, meaning I’d have advancement opportunities (which they told me about.)

All the positions are remote and they do have other shifts available—but I want this one because it’s on third shift.

They offer much better health insurance benefits than what my husband has available through his employer, which is a huge selling point. They also offer tuition reimbursement, which would really help me.

The only downside (and it’s a significant one) is that I would have to wake up for training on first shift for about a month. I tried that before and failed.

But to be honest, that was for tech support, which isn’t a great fit for me, and I encountered multiple problems very early on that showed that the company was really disorganized. It also paid less than this job and had very typical (read: expensive) benefits.

This job actually makes me feel like I might really be on the right path with pursuing a counseling degree after all. And I might be able to provide GOOD health insurance for myself and my kids.

My future really might have more to offer than just disability, survivor benefits, Medicare and freelance writing. None of those are things that I particularly like or want and I feel so beaten down by the thought that it’s the best I can do.

But maybe it’s not and that has me feeling so much more optimistic about my future.

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