A good weekend

It’s been a good weekend having Dylan at home. Both last night and the night before, he came into my office to talk with me after J went to bed, just like he used to, and that was really good. It kinda proves that we’re still close, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it while he’s away at college.

My daughter and her boyfriend also came over for a visit last night and to see Dylan. That also went really well. They bought pizza for us from our favorite little mom-and-pop shop. My oldest daughter is really thriving and I’m so happy to see it.

I’m also happy that her boyfriend got a new car (well, new to him—it was actually passed down from his dad) and that means my daughter gets the Honda Civic her boyfriend was driving. I don’t know what kind of arrangements they made and if she has to pay him for it. I didn’t ask because it’s not my business.

But I have to admit that it makes me feel a lot more secure that she now has a car of her own. They’re going to go Monday to transfer the title into her name, which also makes me feel more secure about her. Having stuff in your own name is incredibly important.

I also talked a lot with Dylan about a lot of stuff. Like that he thinks he’s going to get a minor in communications, which I think is just brilliant since his major is in hard sciences. I think that combination will serve him well.

He also talked about another tattoo he wants to get soon and he just has to decide where on his body to get it. He wants to get Sakura flowers (in honor of my husband) and lilacs (in honor of me.) He wants to get the two kind of entwined, which I think is just beautiful and I’m really touched by it.

All my kids are doing well on the march toward adulthood and I’m so proud of all of them. Sometimes it’s hard and lonely but it’s difficult to be upset when I can see that they’re so clearly thriving.

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