Vaccination and the public good

I wrote another article for Medium last night about vaccinations and the public good. Namely, that not enough people believe in the concept of doing something for the common good anymore, and that really scares me about the future.

We can’t have a society that functions at all when so many people legitimately don’t give a shit whether or not the people around them live or die.

There are so many conspiracies around this vaccine in particular and all the hospital shortages don’t seem to faze them a bit. Honestly, I’m so beyond tired of people getting hospitalized and then changing their minds about the vaccine, when it’s obviously too late.

I do understand that people in more rural areas don’t face the same risks as us city dwellers do. But they do still face some risk. It’s really a numbers game . We have to get a certain number of people vaccinated for the virus to stop mutating and eventually disappear.

But it’s clear that this will never happen. And I’m so angry. My husband and I could be enjoying the last years of his life (at least when he’s off chemo) and that looks unlikely to happen.

I’m so just so defeated and depressed about all of it.


  1. I too feel so defeated. I just had to distance myself from some people, which sucks because I already have such a small circle of people in my life to begin with. But I had to do it, at least for the time being.

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