OMG, she’s real!

Remember when I wrote here about finding my alter ego and feeling like it probably wouldn’t ever go anywhere?

Well, she’s real and I’m actually going to meet her this week! Her husband is coming up to my area for a medical procedure. (She lives about 2.5 hours away and her husband has stage IV colon cancer like mine does.)

We found out yesterday that we have even more in common than we initially thought—and that was already a lot. I really feel like the Universe heard me when I said I wanted to make friends who really “got” me.

My husband has a TON of supplies left from his colostomy and her husband can use them. I am so glad that not only can I give them away to someone who will appreciate them, but that it’s someone I know. And it sounds like my husband’s supplies will be a significant upgrade from what her husband is using and I know how much that matters for quality of life when you have an ostomy. (Plus it will be nice to get those two giant boxes out of our bedroom closet, lol.)

I feel so good about this. Those supplies are worth like $300 or more, though our insurance paid for all of it because we had met our deductible. I’m not sure exactly but I think it’s like 3 months’ worth.

I remember so clearly being in a position where we were financially struggling. Now that we’re doing a little better, it feels good to pay it forward.

I feel like the Universe is really listening to me. I hope that means that my husband will respond well to his extra-intense new chemo regimen that he starts later this week and that it will get him back to NED status again. I’m not going to give up dreaming.

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