Career ambitions

So I still haven’t given up yet, even though I think most normal people would have by now. I’m still convinced that I can do something with my life.

One thing is that I applied for a job last night. It’s for a writer for an anti-racist foundation. Not only am I a great fit for the job but it also pays $70,000 a year and is completely remote. That wouldn’t be too shabby, to say the least, and I’d feel good about what I was doing.

I also got named a top writer in the parenting category again at Medium, which is always exciting.

But I’ve also really been thinking hard about going to grad school for social work again to become a therapist. I previously tried twice and got accepted to a local school but they were extremely disorganized and my husband and I had health issues.

I had a session with my own therapist yesterday and she said she thought I’d be good at it. I think so, too.

But—and this is a very big “but”—the school I want to go to is exorbitantly expensive. It’s Baylor, a private university. I can get in, no problem, because my undergrad GPA was so high.

I’ve compared them to more affordable local schools and there’s really no comparison. Baylor offers better classes, more resources, and a pathway to licensure by the time I graduate. The other local schools leave it up to me to find my own work opportunities to get licensed.

Baylor provides me with them. It is Monday-Friday 8-5–but I only have to do 20 hours a week, so I could probably do it in the afternoons.

But…if I go this route, I lose out on disability and student loan forgiveness of the loans I already have. Plus I don’t know if I could still continue freelancing while attending school and working part-time. That’s honestly more than I did even in undergrad and I wasn’t as sick yet then.

Those factors are considerable and I’m not taking them lightly. I do really want to do this. I think I have a gift for insight into situations. Once I got through school, I could work as much or as little as I wanted. So if it turned out that I had to get back on disability at some point, at least I could have a fulfilling career that I could do part-time.

I even know that I would like one of my specializations to be working with transgender families. I know that’s an underserved market and I have personal experience with it.

But that student debt, though. It really makes me pause.

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