Unexpected support

I had a very chance encounter with someone in one of my cancer support groups.

It was so surreal that I’m not sure if anything will even come of it. But I’ve been looking for a real-life support network and I found someone I have eerie amounts of things in common with.

Like me, she has a husband with a stage IV cancer diagnosis and she also has major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

She lives about 2.5 hours away (in the opposite direction of where Dylan’s at school.) She’s very political in the same ways as I am. Her undergrad major was also sociology and she’s working as a therapist in search of licensure but is currently unemployed.

Like me, she’s also a night owl but is incredibly sleepy during the day. She’s not religious (rare for Texas) but also uses the exact same term I do to explain the things that seem like weird coincidences: “the universe” made it happen.

She’s seriously my alter-ego. She’s very pro-LGBT and likes to read. She even likes indie music a lot like I do!

But she’s also 17 years younger than me. That seems like a lot. (Though I was very flattered that she said I seriously didn’t look my age.)

Still, maybe I have made a friend who really gets me. That doesn’t happen every day—especially not with someone who’s spouse is going through the exact same thing mine is.

Maybe she’ll become a real friend or maybe she’ll wake up tomorrow, wondering what the hell happened. At least it gave me the tiniest bit of hope that my story isn’t completely over, even if it feels like it’s all ending.

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