The world is a dumpster fire

I guess the subject line pretty much says it all so okay, goodbye.

Nah, I guess I have more to say.

My youngest leaves for college in two days. I’m not ready for it. I’m not ready for him to be gone. And then my oldest moves out in a little over three weeks. My house is going to be so quiet and empty. Lonely. Not at all what I once pictured having an almost empty nest to be like.

My husband contacted his oncologist about the pain keeping him from sleeping. He thought he might get Lyrica or Neurontin but instead he got Norco, enough for two a day.

I have my own opinions about Norco (namely, that it’s almost worthless) but it is allowing him to sleep so far. He also got his booster shot of the Covid vaccine yesterday and is sleeping through the reaction so far, though who knows how he’ll be doing tomorrow.

I also think about the fact that he got prescribed a pretty sizable amount of Norco and that reminds me of what he’s really dealing with. And I’m not going to lie; that scares me a lot.

Everything else in the world feels like one giant dumpster fire right now. Afghanistan. The Delta variant of Covid. Wildfires and heat waves on the west coast.

Then, on top of all that, I have two of my kids moving out and a husband who’s terminally ill.

No, I still can’t write anything for Medium. Frankly, it’s hard enough just to keep my shit together right now.


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