Getting stuff done

I managed to set up a Fidelity account today, which I’m counting as a win because I wasn’t sure if I’d have time. Not only did I make time for it but I even woke up late.

The increased dose of Pristiq is still helping me have more motivation but it’s also causing really bad insomnia. Because it often takes me several hours to fall asleep, I’m having trouble waking up at a good time. I guess you win some, you lose some?

I have to go through the past couple of months of bank statements to get a more accurate idea of what our budget really is so I know how much I can invest each month. But I feel good that I’m finally on the right track.

Still, although I’m keeping myself plenty busy with my newfound energy, I’m also still really worried about J. He’s been in a lot of pain lately and hasn’t been sleeping well. The tests that the doctors have run haven’t pinpointed any cause. I just hope they will give him some better answers and preferably some type of effective treatment as well.

I’m also worried about the Delta variant of Covid because it doesn’t seem like you can really do anything to stop it. Then of course, there’s also the Lambda variant in Peru that’s even worse, and I feel like it’s only a matter of time until that gets here, too.

J says he has a strong gut feeling that he won’t die of Covid but rather from the cancer itself. He never gets gut feelings about anything, so I’m inclined to take it more seriously. But I also wonder about myself and my kids and I don’t feel as confident that we’ll all get through it okay.

And meanwhile, we’re down to less than two weeks now until Dyl goes off to school. I’m nervous about that for so many reasons and sad, too. He did at least get the very good news yesterday that he got grants to cover all of his tuition this year.

In that light, I really feel like A&M was where he was meant to be. Even though he initially really wanted to go to UT, they would only admit him for a liberal arts major. Meanwhile, A&M has the #11 ranked program for engineering, which he’s going into. And it really has seemed from the beginning that despite the fact that it’s such a big school, they’re actually bending over backwards to make it easier for him to attend.

My husband and I both finished our degrees after we had kids and Dylan is the first one of our kids to do this. I’m so proud of him and all the accolades he’s accumulated (including that he’s a designated Advanced Placement scholar because he did so well on the tests.)

I really hope he makes the most of it. He’s got a good head on his shoulders.

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