Getting my shit together

I am taking advantage of the fact that increasing my Pristiq dosage seems to be making me suddenly notice all the things I’ve been neglecting (which is really quite a bit.)

We got notice that our new sectional that we ordered from Pottery Barn is actually being delivered this week, which is about a month early. I’d honestly expected it to be delayed instead of getting delivered early, which is a nice surprise.

So in preparation for that, we have to significantly clean our living room before Thursday. I got a lot done today (with help from J and the younger two kids.) Amy and her boyfriend have honestly trashed the garage in particular, just throwing shipping boxes out there wherever when they get packages. I’m honestly really disappointed in how little they have been doing to keep the house clean and in fact, how significantly they contribute to the mess.

We got the garage completely emptied of all those boxes yesterday, which was mostly J’s doing. The younger two kids got the elliptical machine moved from our living room to the garage. I was going to sell the elliptical but now I’m not so sure anymore, so I may wait on that a bit.

I got lots of rooms swept up and moved some boxes, too. I still have a lot of things that I want to clean (like the glass doors of my shower stall.) I’m kind of intimidated by that and fear that it will use a lot of “spoons” but I’m still feeling motivated to do it.

J also mentioned that he was disappointed in the fact that I was still shopping for things I want but don’t need, when I hadn’t even looked into the options I have for investing. It always makes me feel like such a loser when he expresses disappointment with me.

It’s not that he’s ever mean about it. He’s just disappointed that I’m not getting my shit together because it makes him worry more about my future. And it’s not that I don’t care; it just always slips to the bottom of my to-do list.

So I signed up for an account at Fidelity last night and have to wait until I see some small deposits they’ll make in my bank account to verify it. I’m also going to have to call them because they still show that I had an account (with a zero balance, of course) set up when I worked at Starbucks like 14 years ago.

I can’t promise that I’ll get time to call them tomorrow and get things straightened out but I’ll try. I also finally got a package ready to return to the post office tomorrow too. But I’m really serious that I’m not going to keep letting making the call to Fidelity slip my mind like I have been.

I really want to prove to him (and myself) that I really can manage my money well.

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