Mental health update

It seems that after just a couple of days back on 100 mg of Pristiq, my mood is already a bit better (even though I know it’s supposed to take longer to work.) I haven’t even gotten up to 150 mg yet.

I’m sweatier for sure, which is my worst side effect for sure. But compared to the side effects I have from other antidepressants, this is doable. Maybe things will get better after all. I have hope, at least.

On a totally different note, my daughter told me yesterday that she’s moving out in early September. She and her boyfriend found a nice place in a nearby town that’s very LGBT-friendly and where some of their friends live. She’ll be across the street from a vegan restaurant and I’m sure she’ll enjoy that.

But it’s also kinda weird because I prepared myself for all my kids living at home and suddenly, in a little over a month, my oldest and youngest kids will both be out of the house. The population of my house will be cut in half (unless you count the cats.)

It will only be me, my husband, and Adam living here. That’s going to be very weird.

Adam says they will be coming out and presenting as fem soon. I don’t know if that will actually happen or not but it will be interesting if it does.

They also talked today about trying to find a job soon with an LGBT-friendly employer like Starbucks. And we asked a couple of days ago if they were still planning on going to college and they are but are thinking of a dramatic shift in college plans.

Previously, they said they wanted to go into computer programming. But now they’re thinking maybe not because they enjoy computer programming and don’t want to start to hate it by working in the field. (Having done that myself, I certainly understand that.)

So they’re thinking maybe nursing because they find the medical field fascinating. (I always did, too.) I don’t know how COVID will affect that but I guess we’ll see.

It’s good but also a little strange that suddenly my kids are getting ready to live their own lives. I always knew this day would come eventually and in the case of my oldest, she’s older than many kids to still be living at home anyway.

But now that it’s here, I just feel a whole bunch of conflicting emotions. I’m happy for them to move on but also a little sad for myself, too.

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